Saturday, September 13, 2014

Getting the boys ready for l'Eroica!

Yeah, I said it. Crazy or not, we're taking the boys to Europe in a couple of weeks while they still fly 'free'. Quotations because I'm not so sure $1000 in taxes on free tickets qualifies as 'free' anymore.

We're taking the opportunity to see all or most of our Swiss and Italian friends, landing in Zurich and spending a couple days in Basel before heading South to paradise. We'll be at the start of Milano-Torino to see our Milanese friends and the pro cycling crowd, then East to see all my Liquigas-era friends in the Veneto before heading to Tuscany. Janelle has a friend with a 'castle' near Siena, where we'll stay through l'Eroica (I know, nice friend, huh!?!).

That said, in addition to their knickers, poor-boy hats and argyle socks, Dylan and Paul intend to be the best-dressed vintage infants at the event! Some Photoshopping and ironing of logos, and we're now ready for a bit of sewing to make these Stucchi and Bianchi jerseys real!

Paul is already walking a half-dozen steps at a time and we're pretty sure Dylan will take his first steps while in Italy... it's going to be an interesting trip!

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