Monday, July 21, 2014

My Steed for l'Eroica

After my stint at the Tour, I headed to Italy for a couple of days. I made it to Enzo's, where I wanted to put the finishing touches on my bike for l'Eroica.

The major item I wanted to do was to glue my tires down. When I pulled the bike down from the hook in the back room and put it in the stand... I noticed that the wooden rims were WAY wonky. Like half an inch out of true! Now, wood rims are what the Italians like to call "alive", which means they are very subject to environmental inputs, and I am pretty sure these got a bit humid in the past six months. But this was ridiculous! I think you can even see the sway in the second photo! Anyway, we'll get it worked out eventually.

This Touring (brand name, not style, btw) is from the 20's and was a sub-brand of Bianchi... more on that next post!

So without further delay... here is the bike I'll be spending about 14-15 hours on this coming October 5.

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