Thursday, June 27, 2013

Jovanotti In Cannondale Pro Cycling Kit!

Here is one of the greatest Italian musicians of today (Vasco being the other!) wearing a CPC kit that Ivan brought to a concert in Milan recently. He states that it's a rule that pro's have to bring a kit to him after a show!

Jova is the ultimate cycling connection with music. I still remember calling him after a filming session with Daniele Bennati (who gave Jova this Trek), trying to set up an introduction.

He was in Basel in 2011, and a friend of mine working the show got me a set list and this autographed backstage pass!

 Last summer, I got the chance to see him in NYC at a tiny club. This guy sells out huge soccer stadiums in Europe and I got to see him with about 300 other people! The show was amazing.

This, to me, is the soundtrack of cycling in Italy! Of course, when you're riding vintage, the soundtrack changes...

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  1. Larry sez, Don't want to start an argument, but I'm not a Jovanotti fan. This is Italian cycling to me
    I never get tired of hearing this song.
    Vai Sagan!