Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Copake Antique Bicycle Auction!

Back in April I had the chance to check out the Copake Auction for the first time. We loaded Daisy up in the Honda and headed upstate (NY) to see some REALLY old and valuable bikes.

The first item up for bid was something I'm glad I missed. We were still registering when the framed Major Taylor photograph went up, otherwise I'd be about $700 poorer.

Item eight was the real kicker though. This Cygnet sold for over $24,000! "Less than ten are known to exist." I was lucky enough to get up close and personal with this one... at least for a moment.

I did eventually get around to bidding on some sane items. Even though I overpaid, I dig two of the five postcards that I bought... just for the experience. They are photos from the Kiefholzstraße Velodrom in Berlin as far as I can tell...

The item of the day, however, was Lot #267... this Pierce Four-Cylinder motorcycle, which sold for $166,750! Whoah.

All photos - except for my postcards - linked without permission of the Copake Auction House, the photographer, or the owner!

Final Copake Auction is October 19th... see you there!

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