Saturday, September 15, 2012

Possibly the nicest Galmozzi project I've seen

I'm an idiot. I know. I don't check my FaceBook messages that often. Sorry - I get over 200 emails a day at work and don't make time for all those other socials that people use to reach out to me. Case in point: Fabi sent me a message looking for info on this bike. It's a Lazzaretti, made by Galmozzi. It is in good shape other than a bit of light rust and some over sprayed paint. It also it the only rooster bike with the curved cambio corsa dropouts that I've seen.

I went months before opening and looking at the photos. Who knows - I would've probably tried to convince him to sell it to me! I wouldn't even repaint it... honest!

Yes, please.

I've not seen a Galmozzi with this dropout before!

Have NEVER seen this before, either!

Why do we see classic bikes with evidence of spray paint in Italy?

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