Saturday, September 1, 2012

My 1930's Airolg for l'Eroica

This is NOT ideal preparation for l'Eroica's long course. I would normally be doing lots of long rides on the actual bike to shake everything out. BUT, as it's taken almost a year to get the parts chromed (really), decals applied, wood rims stained and decals applied, the various pieces are finally starting to arrive to one singular location (Enzo's). In a somewhat perplexing series of events, I've sent a wheelbag stuffed with parts to Eurobike, had the chromed parts sent to Enzo, and months ago drove the frame to Enzo's as well. By Monday, everything should be all there and ready to build, piece by piece!

With the exception of the seat tube Modello Extra decal (seventy-year old decals don't like to apply straight or in one piece), the frame looks great. Enzo has a friend who will outline the lugs in gold and clear coat everything. This really should be spectacular. I hope I can get the seatpost up high enough and that it rides nicely and stays together well.

I plan to arrive to Enzo's the weekend before the festivities begin in Gaiole. I'll help him put the finishing touches on, glue the chosen tires, and begin a week's worth of what I refer to as 'cramming.' I plan to head out on extremely long days, having built up my endurance in September. I'd like to follow in Bartali's steps, retracing some of his training rides during the war in which he smuggled Jewish passports. At some point, I'll arrive in Gaiole, where Joao of InGamba Tours has offered me refuge with his classy tour group! At least, that's the plan for now... and if this bike proves anything, it's that plans rarely play out that smoothly!

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