Thursday, June 14, 2012

La Mitica!

Partly organized by a friend of mine in what is the holy land of Italian cycling, La Mitica will soon be on the mind of every vintage rider the same as l'Eroica is today. The event will take place July 1 and departs from Castellania, Fausto Coppi's birthplace. From there, it will enter Novi Ligure before circling Tortona and returning via the hills and roads that were used by Fausto and Serse Coppi and the first campionissimo, Costante Girardengo!


  1. Scored some parts this year towards a couple of "bici d'epoca" to use in these events. This one is right in the backyard of our HQ in Italy and in an area we know quite well from our Piedmont tours. We visit with Piero Coppi every year,

  2. ...and you may be among the lucky one to meet Coppi's domestique's "Sandrino" Carrea, still climbing on a ladder to pick persimmons at 88, and following closely cyclism and discussing it with its international acquaintants who visit him every year.