Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Two More Galmozzis

A recent trip to Dr. Frankenstein's lab (more on that shortly) presented the occasion of snapping these two Galmozzis that were offered up to me. Believe it or not, I passed even though they are in the right size range and both VERY interesting. The last thing I can afford right now are yet TWO more project builds that would cost a fortune to do correctly!

This lovely celeste has original colors. The red panel is great with original decal. The head tube badge is a repro. Would've been a great project for my first P-R bike, but I have another idea. This one shouldn't be repainted, which is what I need to do...

This one I first saw almost a year ago on an Italian website. It looked real rough but in the flesh, it's super-interesting. Enzo wanted to build it up with all original Simplex shifting, which really isn't what I'm interested in. After building a P-R bike, I think I want to mess with the Cambio Vittoria/Nieddu type shifters (I have a line on new boxed systems in Torino). He also says he wouldn't paint it, and I'm totally not into raw steel vintage frames!


  1. You wouldn't mind sharing that Italian Website would you

  2. Unfortunately I don't even remember it. It's kind of a local eBay ripoff! I stumbled upon it through google, but he eventually took it down, preferring to build it up himself.

  3. Hello I write from Italy, I have a bike I would like to have some photos of your details to understand the brand.
    can you help me?

  4. Hi Rory ,
    I don't think the cromed frame in pict can be a Galmozzi . May be probably a IDEOR ASSO , very similar lugs to Galmozzi frame , bat not same "father"