Friday, October 8, 2010

Enzo's Eroica Stuff…

In the Italian vintage bike world, there's one guy you go to if you're looking for something truly hard to find. While Ermes and Roberto have their own garages full of parts, it's Enzo who had consistently the coolest stuff on display at Gaiole's market during l'Eroica weekend. Here are a few examples…

This Campy clanger was just a bit too new to put on my Galmozzi. And at 350 euros, I'm glad. I'd seen photos of them, but not in the flesh (remember, I'm only a year or two into this).

This Campy chain guide, similarly, was too new to spend the 120 euros on. Same - first I'd seen one.

This shifter is a very rare Paris-Roubaix type of affair. Even Enzo didn't know about it, other than the flip-side has a hogged-out section with a gear inside that makes the shifting and chain tension action. "BRV Socrates Modena". Evidently, there were well over a hundred lever type shifters in Italy in the 30's and 40's, all leading the example of the Cambio Corsa and Paris-Roubaix.

This Brooks-styled bike caught my eye. It's a Renaissance bike, much like my Cicli Masini will be.

Finally, Enzo's wife bought a stack of head badges that weekend. Included were an original Masi, and this Galmozzi, both worth far more than their weight in gold. She wouldn't sell it to me, but promised that the next one she finds is mine. Of course, she has looked for five years for this one, so I'm not holding my breath!

After l'Eroica, I got an invite to Enzo's secret lair, which I have dubbed Dr. Frankenstein's Laboratory. That tale coming soon.

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  1. Rory,
    Congrats on going all the way the old fashioned way. I'll be there next year to hang on to your saddle on the long uphill sections!