Wednesday, April 7, 2010

C-Record... 11 speed Ergo! Why not!?!

All props to La Rueda Tropical for the concept and the awesome Photoshop work. This is most definitely an old article (over a year old!) but for some reason I only found it today... brilliant.

I'm pretty sure you can come fairly close to these ergos with Hudz gum-flavored rubber, but check out the brilliant Campy shellack for the bar wrap! I think this paired with a Kara Ginther carved Brooks saddle and a Revolution Cycle custom head badge (Cicli Masini) would be right up my alley!

I though about this a while back, and you can come fairly close with the current Athena group. They also used to offer an alloy lever with the Centaur group. So all that, combined with a bit of Easy-off and polish would get you in the neighborhood. Next up, figure out how to laser etch or engrave the logos. OR better yet - make some anniversary-like coins. How about cobalto stones for the brake calipers? I know, now I'm getting away from the C-Record concept, but you get the point. With all the carbon out there, doesn't this stuff look great?

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  1. I agree, but the younger market doesn't have an attachment to "shiny", they perceive a beauty in carbon fiber. To get a traditional look when I put together my daughters bike I chose the last iteration Ergo-8 RD, a Centaur FD (polished) and indexed bar-end time trial style shifters. The crankset is a TA Cyclotouriste. Indexed, plenty of gears, works good and it's pretty. Frankly, I think 11 speed Ergo is the result of a silly arms race and compromises chain strength, etc. It's fine for racing with a trailing team car, not so fine in the real world.