Saturday, February 27, 2010

1940's Galmozzi... Yeah, I did...

While the wife was away, I did it. I keep telling myself 'last one'. Maybe just to make me feel better about this quickly-growing collection of old Italian bikes. But this one was too much. I ended up speaking with Angelo Galmozzi over the phone for quite some time. I got the whole story, politics, history and all.

I took it over to Ciöcc this morning to strip it and sandblast it. He was impressed and excited enough to give a call to his friend Alberto Masi to confirm a couple of things regarding the dates of such a bike. Best we can guess is late 40's.

Ciöcc got busy with some things while we were stripping the bike, but let me turn the switch on his sanding machine (I'd never run one before) and I got to work!




The rest of the photos are at my Flickr page here.


  1. This makes me very happy. Very happy. I am living my life vicariously through you.

    File this one away in your memory. It doesn't get much better than talking to the sons of Gods.

    I'm stealing all of this !!!!!

  2. After a little more time perusing the photos, I have an opinion (surprise!) on the crankset. Leave it as is, clean it up and ride it. The modifications are part of the evolution, the history, of this bike and it was done over 50 years ago. Find a front derailleur. It will take time and be that much more satisfying when you complete it.

  3. Here's the backstory on the crank, as I see it. The owner wanted some gearing and put a Magistroni with Simplex double rings on it. My issue is that he left on the FB non-drive side arm!

    SO - knowing that this will get ridden, I will look for a matching Magistroni non-drive and a clanger Campy front der. I can probably use the gears as well - I'm not getting younger!

    Where will I find it? Hopefully this coming weekend... at l'Eroica (for the pro's. There has to be a market there too). I'm keeping an eye out for an original head tube badge as well.

  4. You! my friend are having way too much fun!

  5. Update - I was gifted a beautiful FB bb axle with logo on the ends (it's for cottered old cranks like mine). I think I'll put the Simplex double spider/ring setup on an FB crank and use the axle as well. I know... obsessing over trivialities!

  6. Testing 1.2.3. I'm a little off right now, but I'll get your story posted in a while.

    Guess I'll have to start painting. The last post under the Street Music was from my daughter, who lives in Bangkok with what used to be my watercolor brushes.