Thursday, November 16, 2017

Paletti - Not Everyone Can Own One, Not Everyone Should

My earlier post about the frameteller site was an easy entry to post two recent eBay items and some innovations from Paletti. Always a sucker for Columbus MS and Max frames, these are three great examples from this builder, as well as a couple of examples of Mario Martini - painted frames.

Luckily for me, of the three, only the MS frame is my size. I have a feeling that at some point I'll end up with a Paletti and that one is a great example. MS, Martini paint (possibly), 56 - the check boxes are there, but it'll have to wait. $2700 is a bit out there right now!

With an orphaned Record OR group, this MAX OR would be a great fit... if only it fit me! Definitely Martini paint here. I have a strong feeling that lugged MAX OR is not a weight weenie bike, not even in the early 90's! At $1000, it's a great price, but not a great size!

The Paletti front derailleur direct-mount.

Internally routed down tube shifters!!!

Much like Somec, Paletti seems to have adopted the cavallo Baracca / Ferrari at least on this model!

Anyone else remember this ad BITD?

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