Sunday, February 26, 2017

Tommasini Unicorns

So my last post (and a sick household with not much to do on a cold winter day) generated some motivation to get out the old photos and fire up the scanner. I have a HUGE collection of Tommasini images collected throughout the years and one thing that never fails to amaze me is the sheer number of unique and stunning paint jobs they've done throughout the years.

I'd love to try to decipher the names and catalogue the various published styles over the years, as well as document some of these "unicorns" that have popped up over time. Names come to mind like Colonia, Retinato, Magniflex and Alessandra, not to mention the great "Colorado" style made for Colorado Cyclist back in the 80's. Then there were the horses on the top tube, the quattro colori fades and on and on. I also love how there seem to be many exceptions to the rules, or perhaps no rules at all. I've seen Diamantes in unique colors with horses on the top tube, and all sorts of Velocista's. The sheer variety is amazing.

On that line of thinking, here are five scans from my first trip to Grosseto in 1992. What stands out to me here are the 4 colori mountain bike (which I was very into at the time), the Titanio (in the Tommasini script), the blue Diamante with the baffi or swirls, the blue Tecno, the blue/yellow design and... the fabulous pink Super Prestige (likely) with the ZIPPERED logos!!

As far as I know, these were not officially published or named colorways here in the US. Does anyone have an idea of what these were called? Would love to know!


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  1. Thanks for scanning and sharing these. Tommasini obviously had a lot of fun with both the painting and the decals for his bikes. The zippered logo is crazy -- do you have a close up? Please post more of your photos!