Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Here is what I missed out on or decided against adding to the stable recently, along with rationale!

This Maino went for a bundle! My latest obsession, but who needs three of them!?!

Another Maino, but I have a Vittoria Margherita already, and two Maino's.

This Rossin Ghibli has a great unique paint job, but SVB sells at retail! Nice find though.

Another great Ghibli. Not great enough!

This Somec Max featured on the cover of their catalog. I saw this bike at Fabio's house and was amazed how light a steel Max bike was.

Here it is in Fabio's attic. Were I not already moving twenty bikes half way across the country, and having not just bought a home, this one, too, would be mine!

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  1. Great bikes. Just keep in mind that the Growlery is between your new digs and the Twin Cities.