Saturday, October 1, 2016


Today was the shake-down ride on the 1919 Touring just to make sure everything worked, including my legs (una sgambata). All went well, other than breaking the bands that hold the bottle cage to the bars. Quick fix - zip ties!

In the captions, some Italian lessons!

La faccia del'Eroica, Luciano Berruti!
The face of l'Eroica, Luciano Berruti!

From Communist Russia, with love, il grande Alessio Stefano Berti!

Si parte! 
The start.

e mi alzo sui pedali
'and I stand on the pedals' is the name of a song about Marco Pantani, who could actually climb!

il mio cancello
My "gate". A better phrase we have would be my Iron Horse.

l'Eroica, Steampunk!

Castello Brolio

strada sterrata (strade bianche)
Gravel roads (white roads)

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  1. Many thanks Rory for sharing that great report and photos. And congratulations.