Thursday, March 17, 2016


My SGR-1 pedals arrived and I've been staring at the box and mix of parts for a few weeks. I finally decided to mount them yesterday and thought I'd document the proceedings.

"... and that's the only thing I need is *this*. I don't need this or this. Just these SGR-1 pedals... And this paddle game. The SGR-1 pedals and the paddle game and that's all I need... And this remote control. The SGR-1 pedals, the paddle game, and the remote control, and that's all I need..."

Letting 25-year-old Vicenza air out of its bag is never easy on me...

So am I missing something here? Using the provided hardware, you could NEVER mount these to a shoe. The spacers slip right through the cleat and the screw head and washer do as well! I had to take the grinding wheel to some old spacers and I was back in business. But seriously, you just made the heaviest, most expensive pedals - you add mysterious mounting hardware to them mix? Easy to see why these didn't take off!

Yeah, but can your pedals do THIS!?!

The pedals are stable and provide a nice large platform that I'm not real used to (Speedplay user here). Clicking in is easy, out as well once I stiffened the release adjustment. I also lubed the bearings and loosened up the float as instructed in the manual, presented here ---> 


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  1. The rectangle spacers go in sideways in the cleat. If you put them in up/down, they go through. Putting in the spacers sideways allows the cleat to float a little for fine adjustment before clamping down. I just installed mine tonight and then the cleat fell into my lap.....thats how I learned.

    PS Navin was the man.