Friday, February 26, 2016


A year is long enough, no? Actually, I've been rather busy in the world of vintage bikes, just not enough free time to type it all out and upload it. Maybe a facelift on the old blog will be enough to kick start me back into blogging shape.

With a new bike build project (more on the Rossin Ghibli soon) comes a new jersey design (more on those soon as well). With a new jersey design comes some time spent in Illustrator. While my hack skills are improving, I'm still a bit of a hack. But I won't let that stand in the way of (re)creating something that I found lacking online, which is a good vector or high res version of the Campy alphabet. After all, how hard is it to draw a white rectangle on a blue box?

According to, these first appeared on the rims, bottle and lubricant brochures in (maybe) 1985 and used through 1991. With Shimano dominating click-shifting at the time and a number of truly unsuccessful products (but yet some real beautiful components and new ideas), I like to refer to this period as Campy's lost years. I was focused on Campy's mtb offerings at the time and have to say I never owned a pair of Syncro shifters or Delta brakes (until now, that is).

You'll start to see more of this alphabet on here as I document the Rossin build (provided I don't get too busy and lose another year of blogging).

Here is a link to the entire google image gallery.

Without further ado...

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