Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cycling Garanimals

To go with my new kit, I'm getting ideas together to make the proper bike fashion statement. You know, what the bosses call 'branding'. My, how that word has crept in to dominate all corporate marketing discussions lately! I could simplify the conversation - I once called it 'matching' and before that, I had 'Garanimals'.

So here I go... let's match one happy tiger with another!

Being around teams for so long has left me with friends and favors from lots of different teams. Many ex-Cannondalers are now at Astana. Hence, I have this helmet on the way! These light blues might be tough to match, but at least they are in the big cat family, if not happy tigers...

And for sure the Sky blue is different than the Astana and Masini blues, but the shoes are far enough away from the helmet (not to mention the white legs in between that will match the white stripe), but here goes... from my friend Antonio at the greatest shoe maker there has ever been... the Chris Froome model from the Tour de France! Froome - he certainly is in the big cat family.

And finally for the eyes... I couldn't find anything from Rudy as they're in their fluo stage!

All this should leave me properly Fredded out. Hey, if you can't ride fast, you should at least look the part, no?

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