Saturday, April 14, 2012

One Last (Long) Look Back At Roubaix

The home office is getting reorganized this weekend, giving me the chance to go through some of the old magazines that now weigh down my shelves! I stumbled across this one. Remember Winning, Bicycle Racing Illustrated? Check out this issue covering the '85 Paris-Roubaix. One for the ages. Continuing the CBS Sports theme I started with a John Tesh twitter post this week, check out the video here.

In the famous Saronni / Moser battle, I side heavily with the latter. Find me after a couple of beers and I'll tell you why. The story is not so obvious!


  1. Good stuff Rory. Keep it up. I college I had a collection of Old classic races on DVD and I'd watch them before a race.
    Robert Mason

  2. That was a great mag, Maynard Hershon on the back page of every issue....those were the days. Larry's collection was given away when he moved out of Southern California while a more recent collection of CycleSport and Procycling recently got the axe. Too much stuff to worry about, but we're happy YOU have the copies to create the great memories! The races on the other hand, have all been copied from the VHS tapes onto DVD and since they take up little to no space, we're keeping those!