Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Galmozzi Cambio Corsa is Finished!

Ciöcc finished the work on this quite a while ago, but I just now finished it to the point that I was ready to take it to the studio for photos. I'm real happy with how it turned out. There have been a lot of Galmozzi's popping up lately, but still none this early.

Once again, here's the video of the restoration and a little bit at the end with Angelo Galmozzi.


  1. Really, really beautiful. I just finished the final tweaks on my '72. Pictures soon. But not like yours! Very nice. Mine are going to be more like, "prop that baby up against the Christmas tree and take a couple a snapshots".

    And Merry Christmas to you, your wife and the hounds.

  2. Thanks Gunnar! Anxiously awaiting your final photos as well. I'm sure it'll be stunning.

    Have a safe and snowy MN Christmas as well. Keep that pug warm.

  3. What a beauty. I like the color combinations and every detail. Very high standard finish. I'm taking care of your blue Galmozzi.