Tuesday, November 22, 2011

100 Years Ago Today... Giuseppe Olmo

It was one hundred years ago today, in a small village west of Genoa, that Giuseppe Olmo was born. Olmo took 39 wins in his short career, most in the magical 1935 (8) and 1936 (13) seasons when he finished third and second in the Giro d'Italia. In total, he won twenty stages in the Giro, two Milan-San Remo's, three national championships and seven days in the maglia rosa. Olmo, known also by the nickname of Gepìn, set the hour record in 1935, covering 45.090 kilometers at the Vigorelli.

Biciclette Olmo was born in Celle Ligure (said small village) in 1938 following his second San Remo victory. At just twenty-eight years old, Olmo's life was to turn towards bicycle production, eventually growing the business into what has been referred to as the 'Italian Schwinn' for their impressive output and sales. Olmo ventured further out in his industrial enterprise with tires, plastics and small motors. Married and a father of three, Olmo eventually moved to industrial Milan and passed on March 5, 1992 due to an incurable disease.


  1. Love it when you go old school. One time Dan U. told me this was is favorite bike, but he also said that about half a dozen others at different times.

  2. Think you'll find this interesting, the complete story of Giuseppe Olmo