Friday, July 22, 2011

So Let's Get This Started Again...

Sorry about that. It's been far too long. You know, you buy a house, put your best dog down, travel for a month and a half while the Mrs. packs all your stuff up, move back to the US and try to reorganize life as you knew it. Sometimes, life kinda gets in the way of blogging!

So I'm going to slowly and randomly update things now that I have a home office (corporate frowns on blogging at work, and rightly so!).

I've been reading a LOT lately about racing in Italy in the 30's and 40's, trying to grasp even more about how hard it was to race up to 400 kilometers on war-torn roads just so you could grab a couple of free meals. I typically lose interest once the book heads into the 50's and after Koblet, but of course there is always a big focus on Coppi and Bartali.

On that topic, it brings to mind a couple of close friends of mine from work, Arco and GianCa. If there were to be a Coppi and Bartali of Italian race mechanics, I'd say these are the guys. GianCa would be the old school Bartali and Arco the upstart Coppi. Both are highly acclaimed on the circuit and I've had the pleasure of turning business contacts into great friendships. This past week at the Tour de France, Gian Carlo received the Premio Fedeltà for having worked twenty Tours de France. The first Tour I worked with GianCa, an upstart South African team Barloworld won two stages and the polka-dot jersey aboard 'my' Cannondale bikes.

Congratulations, Gian Carlo!

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