Sunday, March 20, 2011

Galmozzi Restoration!

The 1950 Galmozzi with Cambio Corsa is ready for its maiden voyage finally! It was quite a long process, like all restorations, but well worth it. I've added a couple more details since then, namely the period-correct Columbus decal and the non-period-correct black bar tape with red stitching!

The man towards the end is Angelo Galmozzi, son of Francesco (a co-founder of Gloria and considered one of the best Italian framebuilders of the early days), who took the reigns from his father until finally closing the company in the mid-70's. He is full of stories from "back in the day" and even more from BEFORE "back in the day". He's quite the Italian historian, and is quick to let his political ideas seep into and eventually become major players in his recounting of growing up in Italy. He was impressed with the bike, and even more so by the Galmozzi t-shirt I was sporting under my Lambo sweatshirt! I guess I need to get another one on order!


  1. Dude... T shirts, Where'd you get the t shirt?

  2. That is a beauty

    None of higher end 1950's Italian bikes I have seen have that kind of detail or workmanship.

    So how does it ride ?

  3. Funny thing... I have ridden it once only! The bb axle is for a double, so it doesn't (yet) shift well. The good news is that I'll get a new axle and this one should be for sale in the near future! Too many bikes. Can't believe I'm considering to sell this one!

  4. I would give it a few more rides before putting it on the block, unless, of course you have your eye on another gem that nice.

    You just don't see many bikes that pristine and rare.

    Many years ago my roommate had an old Legnano (mid 60's I'd say) and I preferred to ride that over my 73 DeRosa on longer spins. It was more comfortable and just soaked up road shock so well.

    Good thing your bike is too big for me or I'd be checking the bank account balances for spare change.

    Thanks for posting all those great videos, that Ciocc factory production run one is superb. That's how the Pro's did it "In the day".