Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cicli Masini, Serial Number 001!

Well, not exactly. This is the design that's in my head at least. That old green Paris-Roubaix frame should eventually turn into this. Call it my winter project. I hope to have a P-R bike, the Galmozzi Cambio Corsa, and after coversion - the Legnano should be my Vittoria-Margherita example. In my book, that's the big three from Italy as far as shifting systems go.

Details on this will be a handmade head tube badge and an carved Brooks saddle. Ciocc keeps threatening to see if he can't immortalize the brand with an old-school metal hinged logo mask for the downtube. Check the photo of the example he pulled out - Cicli Gamba, mod. Record.

I sanded the frame already and it looks great. The fork was rough and didn't match the lugs at all. Ciocc found another one for me that was nicer but still not a perfect match. I'm going with that one. He bent the legs out a bit and will put on the much-older dropout for me. Anyone have a better match for the "Riviera" style lugs?

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