Friday, June 4, 2010

Giro Wrap Up

Can it really be that LG won the Giro and I failed to write anything more after Amsterdam? Well, I WAS doing the ToC thing, and I did cover the Giro best I could from the road on that 'other' website.

So I did the first day of the Giro, and the last. While on a short vaca/long weekend staying at a friend's 15th century villa in Tuscany (thanks to my lovely Mrs.), we hustled up to Verona to cover the last stage. Nothing too memorable... other than the awards ceremony in the Roman arena, and our front-row seats! Photo and video duties called, so we made the best of it... and it was pretty damn good.

Afterwards, we waited for all the riders to come by in order to congratulate everyone and sip the champagne, and then headed straight back to Florence. Yeah, we skipped the party, but sometimes it's better to duck out.

Of course, I'm super happy for the team and especially for Ivan, who proved himself a true champion and completed a great comeback/redemption. I called him the other day to set up a visit to our Dutch HQ and congratulated him immediately... but not for the Giro win... for the announcement of his third child!

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