Thursday, March 4, 2010

Who Has The Saddest Dog Around? I Do!

Tucker had his cataracts surgery yesterday and I got to pick him up today. Poor little guy looks really rough. The outer corners of his eyes sport big black stitches that stick out a good cm. Evidently, they itch like crazy too! If you pull up his lid (which I won't do), you can see the microfilament stitches on the top of his eyeballs! On top of all that, he's pretty drugged up, he stinks and there is a constant flow of crud coming from both eyes that I have to continually wipe out. Eight eye drops a day plus two new medications to go with his two seizure meds, and we've got a real patient patient! I'm pretty sure if the roles were reversed, he'd do it for me. The good news is... he can see!

I'm pretty sure it won't be long before he's back to race-support form from last year's Giro!


  1. Poor little fella. I love those dogs and keep thinking of getting one. The problem is I have cats and I wonder how they'd react.

  2. The pup has my sympathy. I have macular degeneration, 13 repaired retinal tears and cataracts in both eyes. They won't fix my cataracts until they get worse. I hope I don't get the funnel device, but I imagine ol' Tuck didn't want them either.

  3. classic mr masini. classic.