Saturday, December 27, 2008

Quick Update and Test

You gotta love these long year-end vacation weekends. I'm spending my extra time well...

1. Feeding the social-networking monster. This post is actually a test of's service. Now each new post is being tweeted (kind of the opposite of what I got into Twitter for from the start). Now to find the perfect set of icons... stay tuned.

2. Cleaning the floors. The little ones have had a field day of late with their muddy paws!

3. Whole house iTunes! 2 Airport Expresses and 'Remote' running from the iPhone and Touch. Wireless radio shows from the States, controlled from my phone! Yes, I'm a geek (still). Right now catching up on the Common Man.

4. Office rework-redoing the shelves to give me my space. I love computer workspaces, and now I feel at 'home' in my office.

5. Bike part inventory. I've gotten a lot of new stuff lately, so it's out with the old, etc. etc. Still low energy from the food poisoning spell, so still off the bike. No worries. It's still early to restart (or is that 'late').

Tomorrow, the Bucs get their shot at the playoffs. Let's see, 9-3 wasn't motivation enough, so I guess 9-6 gives you that desperate feeling to want to beat the hapless Raiders at home?


  1. "tell tale signs" is pretty good, eh? now i'll have to run out and see if i can find it. dylan is the best!

  2. Good to see that the Twitter stuff is bein' read! I would say TTS is for the those that like his stuff from Blood Red Sky and on. Kind of the 'wise old man returns' period.

  3. well, we went out to wally world after lunch and i bought it. gotta listen to it now! i'm sure i'll like it.

    yes, the twitter comments get read! :)

  4. Ouch.. 31 to 24 against the Raiders. Could be worse. My team gets to spend the off-season trying to find a way to feel good about not losing to the first 0-16 team in NFL history.

    There's always next year