Thursday, October 30, 2008


Ivan Basso's Japan Cup Bike

I'm now back from Japan and a little recovered from the past month and a half of travel. Here are the images (plus a few bonus shots) that I posted to Cannondale and that have now appeared all over the place. This must be one of the most photographed bikes we've done to date! At one point during the team presentation, I grabbed the bike and moved it slightly - some people waiting in the wings could then see a different view and the flash bulbs went wild... I ended up posing the bike for another ten minutes!

The race went as expected. The climb wasn't tough enough for Ivan to break away. What has been under-appreciated in the race reports were the rides of both Giovanni Visconti and Valerio Agnoli, who each were dropped on the climbs and chased back on... twice!

After the race, Ivan was great, signing autographs and posing for photos for a good while for the long line of Japanese fans who waited two hours after the podium and press conference! Like it or not, Ivan is back... and will be a force to contend with at the Giro.


  1. The folks at Cannondale did a great job with Ivan's bike, Looks sweet.

    He will be a force to contend with as you have stated, should make for a great race in 2009.

  2. Very cool bike! Looks like a 08 Super Six, not a 09... Ivan's preferences or something?

  3. when he's done with that bike and doesn't need it any longer..... :)

  4. That is one cool paint scheme. I would have to say it is even cooler than my F3000 Woody with the wood grain paint job. Still the best paint job ever on a mountain bike!!